Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My first Tri

I did my first triathlon on Aug 7; the Fronhofer Tool Sprint Triathlon. I'd meant to do the (closer and shorter) Pine Bush Triathlon the month before but missed the registration deadline.

Swim: .5 mile

Bike: 14.5 mile

Run: 3.1 mile

The day was perfect; no humidity and in the 70s. The water was warm, the ride was peaceful (though crazy hills in the beginning) and the volunteers were very helpful.

The swim was of course the hardest, since I'm not the best swimmer. I kept at it though as the women (who started 3 minutes after) passed me one by one. There was one other slow guy but he steadily kept ahead of me and beat me by a a handful of minutes. I ended up ahead of a few people in the end, but the swim was definitely my weak spot. Despite this, I somehow came in 10 min. under my estimated time. Which is a lot better than the other way around. The T1 was brutal as my legs felt like jello and I had trouble getting on my socks and shoes standing on one leg. Also my race bib got messed up when putting on my shirt and I had to reattach it. I didn't mind the rest at the time though!

The bike section was tough in the beginning with some crazy hills. However, this meant there was a great downhill not long after this. It also gave me the chance to pass a few people that were walking up the hills. I used my mountain bike and was one of the few to do so (Shannon said she saw a couple of others.) It seems like they weren't preparing for this though as the bike racks didn't accommodate my bigger wheels too well. Even though I passed people, I got passed a lot later one when a road bike would come out of nowhere and whiz by me. It really hurt having a mountain bike and no clipless peddles.

For the run, I actually did really well. This is where I was able to make up for the swim and ride. Even after the ride, I was making good time, 10 min miles, which is a good time for me. On the last mile I actually felt good and sped up to pass several people. Besides a guy in his 60s, I passed a 37 year old guy on the last mile to not come in dead last for Mens. Yay! As a side note, they actually were unable to get my finishing time for the run and I had to tell them the actual time, so my run time is 30 seconds off. Oh well ;)

My parents and Shannon cheered me on and it was a great experience. I still felt good several hours after until I crashed. I didn't get sore either, especially not compared to the triple headers we used to have in soccer. Anyway, I can't wait to do it again next year. I'll definitely do Pine Bush and probably the FTT again.

Swim Time 22:49
T1 2:52
Bike Time 1:06:35
T2 00:52
Run Time 29:03
Total Time: 2:02:11