Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection

Here's my Converse collection. My first pair was of course black. After that, I picked up a pair of grey high tops in NYC. Followed by a tricolor pair in Hollywood. And so it started... The black leather ones are my "fancy" pair that I got married in. My latest are the last two, the zippered and scribble Chucks.

My favorite place to find Converse is Marshalls, where you can pick them up for $20. I bought all the black/colored tongue ones there. I've found quite a few online though when they're onsale however. Famous Footwear is good because of their buy 1, 2nd half off. Of course has the fastest shipping and are great, but it's hard to find Chucks on sale there.

Why do I have so many Converse? Well.. it doesn't help when your wife is a shoe-aholic (70+)!

black chucks

grey chucks

tricolor chucks

stencil chucks
Stencil White/Pink

red chucks

double chucks
Double Grey/Black


Double Tongue Grey/White


Black Leather


chucks poorman pro team
Leather Poorman Pro

Multi-eyelet Black


Zipper Black

scribble chucks
Scribble Black