Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pine Bush Triathlon 2011

The Pine Bush Tri was on July 10, 2011. It was the tri I meant to do last year but waited too long to do. This time I didn't wait! It's a 0.2 mile swim, 11.5 mile bike, 3.25 mile run.

The race started at 8 but was a little late to get off. The day was great, the weather was mild and only really hot during parts of the run when there wasn't shade.There were 10 waves composed of different age groups (5 years apart and based by sex). This meant that the competitors were spaced out more, unlike last year's FTT where there were only two waves. I was wave 7. This meant, with luck, I wouldn't be the last one out of the swim!

I finished the swim 3rd to last, beating two guys in my age group. The transition went okay, though I briefly forgot where I put my bike. BTW, this year I actually bought a new road bike to replace my mountain bike on the tri. It's a 2010 Scott s40 speedster. I had ridden the bike a couple of weeks before so I knew the route. It's a pretty nice course and it went a lot faster this time then the first. Still, people flew past me pumping their legs. I had a little competition with one lady and we passed each other back and forth, with me ultimately pulling ahead in the end :)

This tri is weird in that you don't end where you start. So I mounted my bike in the transition and started running. I also ran the course the previous week so I knew what to expect. Overall my training was more lax this year as I got a little complacent and lazy. I was only able to swim 4 times and never really consistently ran 5ks. I was a little off my game on the run then, but still, I just biked and swam for an hour! Unfortunately, one of the guys I recognized from my age group who I had beaten on the swim overtook me at about .7 miles left. I was unable to catch back up :( Still, I finished 1:34:40 and it was a lot of fun. Shannon cheered me on and took pictures along the way. It's definitely a tri I want to do again, and next time I'll train harder to beat my time.

Official Results:
9:15 Swim (262)
51:14 Bike (239)
34:12 Run (226)
1:34:40 Total (Looks like I lost by one second to someone else)