Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blazon Display Cases for 3 3/4" figures (G.I. Joe)

Last month at the San Jose Big Wow! Comic book convention I spotted nice display cases for 3 3/4" figures. By Blazon Displays, these cases were a lot more economical than others I have seen and easy to set-up. Having just moved, with less place to display my collection, these were the perfect solution to show off modest collection attractively and at a reasonable price.

I ended up buying the basic display case, as shown ($59.99). A step up from this is the same case but with a motion-sensitive light at the top ($69.99). Finally, a 3rd option comes with the light and a colored backdrop ($79.99).

The display cases are sturdy but very lightweight. Made out of acrylic and plastic with magnets that keep the door close, they include two shelves that you can remove and adjust as needed. You can fit 27-30 3 3/4" figures, depending on how tightly you want to place them. To attach it to the wall, there are two slots on the back where nails/hangers slip in. Overall, easy to mount, and easy to add or remove figures.

I'm very happy with how these cases look and ended up buying another case afterwards so that I could have one case dedicated to Joe and one to Cobra. It was pretty difficult pairing my collection to about 60, but at least now my Joes are displayed in a nice way and kept dust-free.

Besides the display cases, Blazon Displays has another product which is inexpensive and unique. "Magnaclipz" are hooks with magnets on the end that attach to your action figures. You can place them on your fridge or purchase their magnetic display boards and strips and attach them to your wall. Also worth checking out.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon


My first triathlon in CA! The original swim location got moved because of water quality, which resulted in a point to point transition and an increase in the bike distance. The swim took place in UVAS reservoir, and the bike ride was to Almaden Lake, where the run finished up.

The sprint swim started mid-lake which was problematic because it was quite the swim to the start! I started off and realized I wouldn't make it there in time. So I swum to the shore to try and walk closer to the start but it was really rocky and hurt my feet so I didn't make much progress. I was a couple of minutes from the start when my wave started which only made my time worse. The swim was alright but I'm slow so it took a while.

The bike ride was nice but hilly and through rolling hills and farms. I got passed by many people, but as this was the longest bike ride I've done in some time (18 miles) that was to be expected. A couple of tough hills, but they ended in fast downhills which is fun :) This year I bought bike clips.. did they help? Maybe? So I've gone from mountain bike to road bike to road bike with clips for each subsequent tri.

For the run, I was more beat than previous tris, so my pace wasn't as fast as it could be. It was a beautiful day though, mid 60s, not like the day Shannon and I scouted out a few weeks earlier where it was the upper 80s! Afterwards I changed into sandals and Shannon noticed my foot. It had felt like something was in my shoe when I was in the t1, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Turned out I sliced my foot up on the rocks trying to scramble to the start of the swim. Three large cuts and a few slices. Ouch.

I finished 3rd from last in the male category which is pretty bad, but considering I didn't train hardcore..

  • 32.53 - swim (0.5 miles)
  • 4.44 - t1
  • 1:30:13 -bike (18 miles)
  • 1:40 - t2
  • 34:37 - run (5k)
  • 2:44:47 - Total