Monday, August 15, 2011

Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash was on Saturday Aug 13th. It's a 5k with obstacles. I ran the 4pm wave, but some of my friends ran earlier.

Having done little to prepare, the first mile was really grueling, as it was uphill on mountainous terrain (the race took place at a ski resort.) Thankfully the obstacles were fun and after the uphill was done, it was a lot more manageable.

The obstacles were:
- Barricade breakdown: Going over and under small barricades. It wasn't so bad.
- Road Rage: tire course with junk cars. It was fun to jump over the hood of cars.
- Teetering Traverse: several balance beams; after this, the course was pretty much down w/ the uphill stuff
- Deadweight drifter: this is where you got wet. Waist-deep clay water and you had to traverse over logs. Several people had trouble with this and I helped some by pulling them across the logs.
- Cliffhanger: using a rope to pull yourself up an incline. This one was fun as my upper body was fresh and not at all tired.
- Deadman's Drop: Steps over to a drop off; again, not that difficult though I saw some people have trouble
- Rubber Ricochet: Run through some tire "swings"; the volunteers were encouraging you to bash into them
- Cargo Climb: cargo net up and down; pretty easy, though again, some people had trouble
- Chaotic Crossover: cargo net crawl across; more difficult than the previous one but fun
- Petrifying Plunge: slllllip! slip and slide!
- Warrior Roast: jump over fire! On the first, I jumped and touched my toes. On the second.. well, the picture looks like my foot was on fire. Was it??!
- Muddy Mayhem: crawl through mud and under barbed wire

It was a lot of fun, though next time doing it at the same time as my friends would be more fun. That first hill though.. ugh..

My watch time was 46:51, though official time says I was 46:39:55, making me 2864 out of 9321. (That's a lot of people!) In my age group, I was 328/782. Not bad?